Christine Thomas (raynala) wrote,
Christine Thomas

LGBT Community

It’s been a long day, so today’s blog is gonna’ be pretty chill. Let’s take a break from the hot issues and have a bit of a history lesson, shall we?

For centuries, homosexuals existed on the fringe of society; the LGBT community as it stands today did not begin to form until June of 1969 with the Stonewall Riots of New York’s Greenwich Village. This significant series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations was the first recorded incidence of homosexuals fighting back against governmental oppression on a unified scale. Stonewall served as the turning point between homosexuality being seen merely as a societal and romantic alternative, and homosexuals coming together to form an alliance in pursuit of recognition and equality.

After this point, the gay rights movement was truly born. In the past four decades, organizations advocating same-sex equality have become common, demonstrations and marches have become regular occurrences, and gays have become increasingly visible in the community and in the media. Gays are no longer denied service in bars; alternatively, “gay bars” are becoming veritable hot spots for people of all sexualities. The United States is making significant strides toward legalizing gay marriage in every state, and several countries have already beaten us to this goal. Now that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals have come together as a unit to fight for their rights, social progress is being made.

On top of the political movements made possible by the LGBT community, the existence of the community itself has become an important feature in the lives of many who do not identify as “straight.” Those who may now claim membership to the LGBT community would, several decades ago, have had a much more difficult time finding such a support group of like-minded individuals who share their lifestyle. Thanks to the coming-together of those with sexualities alternative to heterosexual, the gay rights movement is snowballing toward success.
Those are my two cents for the day. All of the above info has come straight from Wikipedia and my own little brain. Nothing too hardcore this week—I’m just grateful to be a part of such an awesome group of LGBT individuals (and allies!) as the UWF Gay-Straight Alliance and felt like saying so.
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