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don't waste your whole life tryin'

to get back what was taken away ★

Christine Thomas
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WARNING: I am a seasonal LJer. I rarely update and never read my f-list during the school year.
I am only active during December, the summer, and sporadically throughout the year.
If this is okay with you, then you're okay with me. ♥

also known as noodles, rainbow (-brite, -bitch, -girl, etc.), kwissy, christi, ray, bubbles, beandip, and to a lucky few, chris. 21. five feet of pure awesomesauce. enfj. huggable. sort-of obsessed with rainbows and color in general. proud vegetarian. cares more for animals than for most people. non-smoker. social drinker. loves making and keeping friends. crafty kid. cancer/leo cusp. dragon. fully supports the american cancer society & the american heart association. doodles compulsively. loves traveling & staying in hotels of all sorts. hates wastefulness. is a very happy member of the rich weirdoes, orlando's premier rocky horror cast. only child. environmentally friendly. bisexual. strong personality. empathizes with long distance relationships. recently single out of a six year relationship. super flirty. enjoys mixing curse levels. responsible. loves coloring books & cake decorating. water baby. stubborn. loves hair dye, piercings, & tattoos. mentally klepto. sexually attracted to talent.

about me: 11/28/08.
high school valedictorian. college senior. attends & loves the university of west florida. double-majors in interdisciplinary humanities and psychology. minors in hospitaly, recreation, and resort management. loves her honors program. is actually its webmaster. presents at state, regional, and national honors council conferences. conducted research for her honors thesis in glasgow, scotland. works for admissions and wuwf. volunteers with the ronald mcdonald house, relay for life, & pretty much anywhere she can. is going to work with elephants in thailand this summer. honors council president. video gamers alliance secretary. relay for life luminaria chair. leadership development council student rep. gay-straight alliance advertising coordinator. srhc student rep. iut assistant administrator. is therefore always really busy. consistently takes 18+ credit hours. 3.93 gpa. is kind-of a brain. has also taken courses in special education, video game design, & calculus. filters some entries. has been on LJ for five years. curious about your birthday. loves her paid account. needs more icon space. has an LJ family.

has far too many journals:

sells lots of pillows, kandi, jewelry, clothes, & custom-made scarves.

makes lots of icons and layouts and various graphics.

a phantom of the opera icon community.

a rocky horror picture show icon community.

orlando's finest (and only) rocky horror shadow cast.

a craft sale community: proceeds go to the american cancer society and various other charities.
loves character development. positively obsessed with harry potter. is hermione granger. extremely proud ravenclaw. would be a slytherclaw hybrid. also loves the following: lord of the rings, rozen maiden, family guy, pirates of the caribbean, ouran high school host club, cat face, final fantasy, dr. horrible's sing along blog, kingdom hearts, tales of _, mario & friends, sailor moon, disney princesses, the rocky horror picture show, winnie the pooh, proposition 8: the musical, cats, chicago, wicked, rent, avenue q, house, america's next top model, hedwig & the angry inch, spamalot, james & the giant peach, lilo & stitch, disney in general, peanuts, the wonder pets, the price is right with bob barker... etc.

【anita blake: vh ●● sylvie
【final fantasy vii ●● tifa

my bucket list;







my first website;

goals for 2009;

i l o v e m y f r i e n d s .

thank you, /~aurenfaie!
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5awesomegays, accessories, acting, animal rights, anita blake, apples to apples, avenue q, awareness, bahama breeze, bananas, beads, beauty and the beast, being a gryffinclaw, being amazing, big bang theory, bisexuality, black cats, board games, boy meets world, breakfast, bright lights, camwhoring, card games, cats, celine dion, charmed, cinnamon, clubbing, collecting, color, coloring, conference administration, corsets, crafts, cranium, cuban bread, curvy girls, dancing, disney, dr. horrible, drag queens, dumbledore's army, emerald city, eyeliner, failblog, final fantasy, fml, friendship, game shows, gaming, gay-straight alliance, geeks, gemology, giving, glitter, good people, gryffindor, hair dye, happiness, harry potter, hoby, holidays, homestarrunner, house unity, html, icons, iut conference, johnny depp, josh groban, kandi, katy perry's music, kingdom hearts, lady gaga, leadership, lgbt rights, lifehouse, lilo and stitch, lingerie, lisa frank, logic puzzles, lolcats, lord of the rings, love love love, lyrics, make-up, mamma mia, mario party, mashed potatoes, mixing curse levels, moments in the woods, musicals, nail polish, nearsightedness, netflix, orlando, ouran, parking lot sparrows, peanuts, pensacola, photoshop, picture frames, piercings, pineapple rum, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, prisms, psychology, rainbows, ravenclaw, rent, roald dahl, rocky horror, rozen maiden, sailor moon, sex and the city, shopping, sinfest, smirking, spamalot, srhc, stars, stephen king, stickers, sticky notes, strong bad, stuffed animals, sweeney todd, talented people, tattoos, the barenaked ladies, the goo goo dolls, the lion king, the little mermaid, the offspring, the rich weirdoes, theatre, threadless, toe rings, traveling, underwear, university of west florida, uwf admissions, uwf honors, vanilla, vegetarianism, wall-e, web design, wicked, yoga, youtube